Monday, July 03, 2006

Google News - news you can use

Google News. This is my number one source for current news. Google has a very valuable news clipping service that allows you to get current news by entering keywords. News is sent to you by email at the frequency that you request.
Go here: and search for anything, e.g. EPRI.
At the bottom of the results there is a message that says “New! Get the latest news on EPRI with Google Alerts.”
Follow the link and you can set one of these up for “once a day, as it happens, or once a week.” I have attached an example of a “once a day” report for Exelon. I have this setup for each one of my clients.
A couple of tips for using this service:
- I suggest registering with Google to manage your alerts. Register using your regular email address. You may need to check the spam filter for the confirmation email. You do not have to use an address.
- You can qualify your search to exclude terms by using the “-“. For example, Exelon is also a drug that is be being developed for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. I have my search set as “Exelon –parkinson” to exclude Parkinson’s related stories.


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